Stress Reduction

Seattle's deepest most complete approach to reducing stress.

A deeper look at stress

“Stress” is merely a surface symptom often caused not just by situational circumstances, but by deeper hidden issues such as perfectionism, deep insecurities, or by powerful (and mistaken) beliefs about not being good enough.

But surface symptoms sometimes have devastating consequences, and stress is a key culprit in heart disease, insomnia, cancers, digestive problems, relational difficulties at work or home, and more.

Healing Stress

My approach to stress relief is multifold. First, I’ll be interested in how and where in your body you experience stress symptoms and how long you’ve been suffering. Next I’ll explore your notions about what circumstances might be causing the problem. At that point, underlying issues usually become evident as causal factors along with present tense matters.

The Most Complete Approach to Stress Reduction.

Now that a more complete picture of your situation is present for both of us to examine, we’ll undertake several coordinated measures. First, we’ll systematically address underlying belief systems and communication styles that affect your stress levels, and also explore any unconscious elements you may be bringing to the stressful situation. At the same time I’ll teach you a wide array of techniques that you can practice daily at home, in your car and at work that have proven to dramatically and quickly reduce stress. These include breathing exercises, slow and simple movements from the Tai Chi tradition, periodic stopping exercises, S.E. Asian observational techniques, and EFT or “tapping.” Finally, we’ll discuss how to wean yourself away from unhealthy things you put into your body (cigarettes, coffee, sugar, certain energy drinks) as well as your diet of television, music and other technology/media generated stressors. We’ll then look at the balance between working and non-working activities, along with the nature of your social interactions. And we’ll discuss healthy, calming additives to your daily regimen (walking and other exercise, socializing in ways that nourish, along with certain foods and supplements). In all likelihood, I’ll refer you for a single visit to a Naturopathic Doctor who has proven invaluable to many of my clients. After a visit with you, she can suggest remedies specific to your situation. All these measures will become powerfully effective if you develop a workable regimen that you practice daily.

My Background.

My training in stress reduction is extensive, and I’ve covered much of it in other sections of this site. But I have taught stress reduction classes in Seattle since 1979, and for some years it was the main focus of my practice. And again, I can offer this service individually (it’s built into my counseling sessions), or I can offer it to private groups, or to organizations and businesses.

Robert W. Hermer, M.A., Ph.C.
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