Awareness Training

A combination of effective exercises to put you back in charge of your life.

Why We Can Benefit From Awareness Training.

Developing awareness brings together the best of counseling and the best of meditation practice to provide the most reliable core of what I’ll call our “internal navigator.” It’s true that we live in a world that makes its demands on us. But it’s shocking and sad to see how thoroughly many of us are run by forces originating from outside the self. Some of these forces include the voices of our parents imprinted in us as children, the imagined or real demands of others, a bombardment of directives from all sorts of media, and the natural need to identify with groups around us. Lost in this flurry of pressures we slowly become disconnected from ourselves and become mere servants of an array of conscious and unconscious bosses, losing command of the wheelhouse of our own ship.

Awareness Training: a Bridge Between Counseling and Meditation.

Unfortunately, modern Western life in general, and counseling or therapy in particular, tend to be far too greatly based in the mental arena. And meditation alone doesn’t adequately address interpersonal life, though this is beginning to change in minor ways. Awareness training, particularly as an adjunct to counseling, corrects this split.

Goals of Awareness Training.

Meditation practice and awareness training differ most in their goals. While awareness is central to meditation, the latter has an initial aim of furthering spiritual development and opening one’s heart. Awareness training results in our bringing all of us to bear on what life presents: cognition, all mental/ emotional states, and our bodily reactions to circumstance. And as training continues, we also learn to see directly the connection between what we experience externally and our internal responses to that experience, such that we regain the authorship of our lives.

Awareness training touches all aspects of life as it leads to greater personal integration, and a stronger sense of personal autonomy and self mastery.

My Background.

What I provide comes from extensive awareness training in S.E. Asia, study with Dr. Gendlin, and in early body-based forms of psychotherapy. Training can be private and individual, and be included in my other offerings, or it can be given in group settings of any size and further enhanced by your own self-guided practice.

Robert W. Hermer, M.A., Ph.C.
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