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Welcome to my web site,

Here you will find a variety of interrelated services, all based on a single driving philosophy. I believe it is our birthright to develop into the truest, most complete expression of our own unique selves, living fully in a world of our own choosing.

I bring to our work a down-to-earth, warm human presence, someone very easy to talk to who will see you as the real, valuable person you are rather than an abstract collection of clinical symptoms.

I offer in-depth counseling, individual and group meditation instruction, personal awareness training, stress reduction, and a host of exercises that develop and enhance personal expression.

As you peruse each offering, you will find a description of my service, a rationale behind the offering, along with my training and experience. You can focus on a single area, or combine a number of them as you see fit.

I strongly urge you to read through my entire web site to appreciate how each service supports the others, particularly in-depth counseling.

Robert W. Hermer, M.A., Ph.C.
Phone: 206.632.9122