About Me

Experienced. Understanding. Broadly Trained.

I was born in Chicago, grew up in Los Angeles, and moved to Seattle in the late 1960s. After undergraduate degrees in Art and Social Anthropology at U.C.L.A., I pursued an M.A. in Psychology but was drafted out of graduate school a month from completion just prior to the Vietnam War. After my service, I completed (with the exception of my dissertation) a Ph.D. program in English Literature and directed the Independent Interdisciplinary Study Program at the University of Washington. From academia, I entered the consulting arena, working with major hospitals, universities, government agencies and corporations in the area of employee relations, corporate restructuring and conflict resolution. Because many attendees of my programs approached me for individual help, and with the urging of psychologist friends, I began an eight year formal training regimen with three national and international institutes in psychodynamic psychotherapy and modern psychoanalytic theory which inform me today. I have been practicing in-depth counseling since 1980.

On a more personal note, my hobbies center mostly around physical activity (tennis, diving, swimming, exploring) along with reading, painting and drawing. And I travel as often as possible, primarily off the beaten track in S.E. Asia. I have two grown sons and a daughter.

I hope all this has given you a general sense of my interests and background, and what I have to offer. But I’d like to end with a final important comment. Choosing someone to work with is challenging, and a good fit will be important to both of us. Reading this material is a good introduction, but it lacks the relational element. You can call me with additional questions, but I strongly recommend that we sit down together for a couple of sessions to really get a sense of each other and of the work ahead. And so I hope that you call me to set up our first meeting. I look forward to meeting you.

Robert W. Hermer, M.A., Ph.C.
Phone: 206.632.9122
Email: bob@roberthermer.com